Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lost Trends - Buy The World

Lost Trends – ‘Buy the World’ EP Review

1.       La La (Lies)
2.       Takedown
3.       The Pop Song
4.       Buy The World

Lost Trends are a wonderfully promising indie-rock band from York, releasing their debut EP ‘Buy The World’. Combining influences from Bloc Party, Sex Pistols and Joy Division, Lost Trends are destined to be in a league of their own with their original and innovative sound that is seemingly shaped by blending punk bass lines and jazzy guitar leads with viscous rhythms and a sharp Yorkshire accent worthy of Alex Turner. 
                Opening this brilliant EP is a song that sounds solidly like a track Kasabian constructed whilst on drugs – rhythmic and repetitive guitar riffs persist throughout together with distorted vocals and dynamic drum beats but there are also traces of techno and an unexpected historical-sounding lecture on the frequency of sound. The second track ‘Takedown’ is very similar and replicates the same elements of the opening track yet ‘The Pop Song’ has clearer vocals, presenting vocalist Stephen Green with an opportunity to demonstrate his choral and lyrical talents. ‘Buy the World’ is much more unique as it edges away from the funkier sounding theme of the whole EP and the guitar riffs are less profuse which unfortunately gives the song a weaker sound and isolates it from the more powerful tracks of the EP.
                Overall this EP is creative and unusual and the band have cleverly combined several musical elements to ensure a wider variety of listeners and as a debut EP, this should be very successful.

Abbie Harrop

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